Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

After my last recipe problems, I have decided to make something fun. The simplicity of the chocolate chip recipe seemed just what I needed to cheer me up and get me back into this project.

Everything was going fine, until five seconds after I tasted the first cookie. The chewiness and crusty edges with the melted chocolate chips tasted divine at first bite. However, after it has been swallowed, I could taste salt in my mouth.

The recipe calls for a teaspoon of salt. I am not sure what the reason for it is but I wish I didn't put any. Maybe my problem was that I used cooking salt and not table salt (which is not as strong). I don't know. All I know is that the salty aftertaste ruined what could've been very delicious cookies.

My husband (who's been quite critical of the previous dishes) loved them. He said he could be biased because of his affinity to all things sweet. However, my sweet tooth felt the salt. He said he could only taste the sweetness.

It wasn't just the salt in my mouth that wrecked them for me but also their very oily texture. I really had more hope for them. I'm starting to realise that Paullina Simons manages to make all Tatiana's dishes sound much more amazing than they really are.

husband: 4/5
wife: 2/5

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