Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beef Stroganoff

Beef fried with button mushrooms and onions, mixed in with sour cream and served on buttered fettuccine

This was a quicker and easier dish to prepare than Lazy Cabbage. It tasted a bit better too. However, with more than four table spoons of butter, it was a bit too rich for me, although that's what my husband liked.

I did not use sirloin beef as was specified but I would suggest to use the best sort to get the meat as soft as possible. I also used light sour cream which probably made the dish a bit lighter but with all the butter, it was still a little heavy for my liking.

husband: 3½ / 5
wife: 3½ /5
(It was better than Lazy Cabbage but not quite "Yum!")

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