Monday, October 5, 2009

Lazy Cabbage

Cabbage with minced beef, crispy bacon and rice in tomato sauce with garlic in a soup-like consistency, with sour cream on top

I have decided to make the recipes in book order so Lazy Cabbage was first. I asked my Mum about it because I have never heard of the dish before and she explained that it was the same as stuffed peppers but without the peppers, hence being called "lazy".

I halved the ingredients because using a whole cabbage seemed too much and I was right. The mixture wouldn't have fit into my largest pan. I was also disappointed by a publishing mistake which listed garlic in the ingredients but was not mentioned in the directions. I ended up putting it into the tomato sauce but later my Mum informed me that it usually was cooked with the mince.

It took me around two hours to prepare and even though I didn't have high expectations of the result because I'm not a fan of cabbage cooked with tomato sauce, I was pleasantly surprised. The sour cream was listed as optional but for me, that's what gave the dish that extra complementing flavour.

Overall, I don't think I will be making this any time soon due to the length of cooking time not being worth the final product. Having said that, it did bring back memories of my grandma's stuffed peppers and a variety of Russian cabbage soups.

husband: 3/5
wife: 3/5

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Caz said...

I made this yesterday and I too halved the recipe. If you have a large family then dont halve it. I really enjoyed this and it only took me 15 mins to prep (including frying the meats) then 20 mins combining the ingredients and 30 mins to simmer. It was delicious and I will definitly make again. And yes the sour crean compliments the dish wonderfully. I have also made blueberry pie, bread, "creature" cookies, buttermilk pancakes with grated apple. Tonight Im making Beef Stroganoff and more bread tomorrow and cinammon shortbread.